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Real Estate section features Russian Shopping Centers catalogue offering a wealth of useful information for both commercial property professionals – developers, mall owners, store managers, retail operators, franchising specialists, designers, architects – as well as for buyers. The catalogue contains detailed info about shopping centers in your vicinity.


RCSC Awards-2017, April 24th, Moscow

RCSC Digital Zone, April 25-27th, Moscow

SHOPPING CENTER MANAGER'S Congress, May 22-23th, Moscow

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The Mall Magazine

MALL which has existed since 2003 is a leading professional publication on retail property and retail.

 MALL is positioned as the most reliable source of original business solutions, effective ideas and examples of their successful implementation in the fields of mall development and management, retail trade, dining facilities, and entertainment.

Website of the MALL Group

On our website you will find the latest information related to shopping centers in Russia: news, analysis articles, interviews. Website users can download magazine issues, add their mall into the catalog and place advertisements to sell, purchase or rent premises. Besides, you can take part in our surveys, ask your questions to market experts and vote for shopping centers. MALL website is designed for retail property market professionals as well as for generalists interested in shopping, attractive shopping centers, malls and outlets.