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MALL is a magazine specializing in commercial real estate В2В projects.

Our mission is to provide high-quality specialized literature for the commercial real estate market players who strive to boost performance of their companies.

Our History 


Our publishing house emerged in 2003 when the first issue of the MALL magazine specializing in retail real estate and network operators came off the press. Despite the natural difficulties we faced during our early days, the magazine quickly took its niche in the market of specialized mass media and gained a good reputation among the target audience.

The first English edition of the MALL magazine was issued the same year to present the Russian market of retail real estate and network retailers at MAPIC international exhibition held annually in France.


The volumes and runs of MALL magazine were growing steadily, and by 2004 the magazine turned into a monthly publication, with the subscriber audience constantly growing. In its turn, the English special edition of the MALL was a regular representative of the retail industry of Russia in the international retail professional forums and exhibitions.


In 2005, the first MALL round table was held. It was highly appraised by the professional community. After that the event management department of MALL launched such events on the regular basis. In 2005 and 2006, a cycle of business meetings to cover various issues of mall management and marketing, was held.


In 2006, the series of business literature by MALL was launched. The first book — about the development of retail real estate — raised a strong interest among the business audience even before its publication. The book was written by the leading practitioners in the retail real estate.

The same year these and other projects were brought together under MALL Publishing House brand.


In 2008, the first edition of RF Chains catalogue, specialized almanac MALL Marketing: Selected Articles and the first Russian Dictionary of Shopping Center Terms were issued.

Also in 2008, the CITY SPACE magazine was added to the family of our periodicals. This magazine deals with complex development of urban territories, incl. development of infrastructure and mixed-use facilities.


In September 2013, the HUNDREDTH ISSUE of the MALL magazine was published. 

For 10 years in a row we’ve been the major discussion venue for all market participants, we monitor and analyze the events and trends in the segment, accumulate the best experience to help you grow your business.


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MALL is the key Russian magazine to cast light on all aspects of the commercial real estate and retail: from expert appraisal of land plots to the advanced mall management technologies.

It is the informational and analytical B2B magazine on commercial real estate and retail, public catering, advertisement and service industry.

Over 11 years of its existence the magazine turned into the discussion venue for the leading investors, developers, retailers, consultants and other market players. The magazine helps to promote best practices in HR and leasing, marketing and technical operation of facilities, their re-conception and re-development.

“MALL” is a №1 magazine about trade real estate and retail. 

 “MALL” magazine: 
• Introduces lessors to new lessees; 
• Present new original conceptions of malls and retail; 
• Highlights successful examples of high-technology decisions in malls and retail. 

In June 2009, MALL won “The Best Mass Media to Cover the Real Estate Market 2009” award at the Annual National Contest “Professional Acknowledgement 2009” held by the Russian Guild of Realtors.

Our Magazines: 

City Space 

City Space is a B2B magazine to cover issues like complex development of urban territories, largest real estate projects and key trends in the urban development.

City Space is a specialized B2B edition.

Key topics covered by City Space:

analysis of major urban development projects and their impact upon the cities and the investment climate; Western experience of successful organization of the urban infrastructure; major events in the international urban development; city development forecasts; analysis of problems that can emerge due to new infrastructures; revealing new sites for commercial and residential real estate that are most attractive for investors; brand new urban development concepts; expert opinions by developers, economists, demographists, environmentalists. etc.; events and facts.

Shopping Center Marketing 

Shopping Center Marketing

Russian Council of Shopping Centers proudly present the first Russian-language book by the International Council of Shopping Centers.

Each chapter is written by mall management professionals who explain the basics and practical aspects on each topic, and also share their own business cases and useful tips.


Market Research                                                                    

-Merchandise Mix. Tenant Selection, and Leasing Support                                 

-The Marketing Plan                                                                    

-Media Mix and Planning                                                      

-Events and Sales Promotions                                    

- Advertising

-Partnership Marketing

-Communications: Internal, External, and Crisis

-Managing the Marketing Function for Shopping Centers


-Retailer Development and Tenant Retention

Expected date of publication — autumn 2014

Expected circulation — 1 K copies

You can buy the book in the company office and at business events.


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The magazine is offered in Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries:

  • by subscription in the printing house;
  • by alternative subscription catalogues (InterPochta and RosPechat in Moscow);
  • at specialized exhibitions, professional seminars and conferences, and other specialized events, incl. large international events such as Exporeal, MAPIC, MIPIM, etc.;
  • by our VIP-selling list (recipients: company executives and decision makers); by RCSC selling list;
  • in administrative bodies (the magazine is delivered monthly to the Chambers of Commerce of Moscow and regions, to the urban development and other bodies).


The magazine is published monthly except for January and July (10 issues a year).

Circulation: 9,000 copies.